Sports Injuries

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Sports Injury Symptoms and Warning Signs

If you’re involved in athletics, competitively or recreationally, sports injuries are almost inevitable. You play hard. Things happen. You don’t always land or maneuver the way you planned.

Whether it’s a teammate, opponent, or you who gets injured, it’s beneficial to know about neck injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, head injuries, and the symptoms that should alert you to seek medical attention.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors see injuries in all stages. Sometimes, we see them years after they occurred. The sooner you recognize the need for treatment, the sooner you will be back out there competing and playing without pain. If you have persistent pain or discomfort in your neck or back, call us in Colorado Springs.

Chiropractic treatments will realign your spine and joints, and in many cases, fix the cause of the pain. When you’re feeling pain in a certain area of your body, it might not actually be the source of the injury or problem. We have the education and experience to accurately diagnose and treat you.

Types of Sports Injuries We Treat

Neck Pain
Neck pain can be caused by so many things, and sometimes the injury is obvious: a fall or accident for example. We have seen many cases of neck pain caused by an injury over time. An injury to the neck may be the result of activities that strain the neck. We can treat those types of injuries with chiropractic adjustments and by helping you to recognize the causes.

Ever wonder what the most flexible joint in the human body is? It’s the shoulder. Because of its flexibility, it’s also prone to injury. So, if you swim, play tennis, or pitch or weight lift, you are a prime candidate for shoulder injuries. The motions you use in these activities put stress on the shoulder joint. Knowing when to back off and rest is the key to avoiding injuries such as tendonitis. Elbow tendinitis is the same way. Rest is often the best remedy.

Knee Injuries
Twisting, jumping, pivoting, changing direction, and sudden stops can all cause a knee injury. The ligaments in the knee are the most susceptible to injury. Tears and strains can be extremely painful. If you hear a “pop” at the time of your injury, or if your knee locks or becomes deformed, seek medical treatment immediately.
Sports Injuries

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